INITIAL-MEDIAS started as a communication agency in Montreal, Quebec and further grew in a specialized marketing agency. For years, we have been guiding SMEs on the path of success with our web marketing strategies. Many digital marketing campaigns of ours have gone viral due to our keen understanding of the market and our listening abilities. We cherish client relationship more than anything else, so focusing on our services’ return on investment has been a huge priority since day one. In fact, our expertise, experience and tools allows us to qualify as one of the top player amongst web marketing agencies in Canada. Call us to increase your visibility, client conversions and sales.


By using our extensive SEO tools and techniques, we can increase your visibility, Click Through Rate (CTR) and Conversion Rate in a fairly short amount of time.

We understand Search Engines

Our Copywriters and SEO Experts team up to increase user experience while bringing your website to the first Search Engine Results.

Reputation Management

INITIAL-MEDIAS helps you manage your online reputation and gain more followers for an increased user engagement.

Virality is what we aim for

We specialize in Kickstarter, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, Indiegogo, campaign management.


We’ve accumulated years of experience in the digital market industry and have many valuable recommendations to offer to businesses.

Worthwhile Business Advices

With business plans, marketing strategies and budget planning, we have been leading businesses to success for many years.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is a tool that allows you to gain immense visibility in a short amount of time.

Quick ROI

INITIAL-MEDIAS uses unique targeting techniques to attract new customers to your website.


Programming a professional website can be very complex, even for experienced programmers. We have been programming user-friendly, reliable and safe websites for more than a decade. Being conscious of the mobile frenzy, we make sure that every of our websites are responsive, thus can adapt to any size of screens. We also ensure to add up all needed functions to your website so that your customers can have a pleasant experience. INITIAL-MEDIAS is all about stability and we are here to ensure that your website is made for the long run. Our programmers are passionate about coding ideas to digital reality, bringing client satisfaction each and every time. Call us to have a reliable, optimized website.

Website Programming

We create responsive, user-friendly websites that leads to sales through their simplicity.

Best Programmers in Town

Whether it is an e-commerce website, blog or entertainment website, our team is the best pick for reliable and intuitive websites.

Mobile Application

We focus on our customer’s satisfaction while giving our output for additional improvements.

Mobility is at your door!

Our team has been creating ingenious mobile applications for now 5 years.

Web Server Security

Our encrypted servers are amongst the safest in North America.

We Protect You From Hackers

We offer hosting for companies that seek secure and optimized websites.

Software creation

Our software creation team has been awarded many times for its obsession with detail.

We code it to life!

We create customized softwares for businesses that seek reliability and efficiency.


We communicate your mission through banners, logos, website designs, images and videos. INITIAL-MEDIAS is all about that “wow effect” that will make you stand out from competition. We make sure to understand your target audience and then combine your ideas with our expertise to produce designs that soothe the eye.  Our team specializes in delivering graphics that bring emotions which convert to sales. We know how to drag attention and how to generate actions from customers. INITIAL-MEDIAS brings your words to images and knows how to “make it look amazing”. Give us a quick call if you seek fresh, modern designs to be made for your business.

Website Design

INITIAL-MEDIAS' website creation team shines your corporate image.

Our Designs are Astonishing

Our team of specialists creates websites that make every customer experience a unique one.


Our team creates movements and effects on your website so you can drag customer’s attention.

We bring it to life

We create a one-of-a-kind website experiences so that every customer remembers you.


Images and videos are becoming more and more popular to attract, inform and retain customers.

Visuals that amaze

INITIAL-MEDIAS increases sales through the creation of strategic visuals that suits with your business’ image.

Logo Design

INITIAL-MEDIAS designs logos that reflect the enterprise’s core values.

We shape your mission

We bring color and shape together to communicate your business’ mission.
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