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Best web consultants in the west

Our collaborators specialize in increasing company’s revenues. Our strategy is methodical and efficient, proven by our multiple successes with our satisfied clients. We identify your company’s weaknesses and strengths to give you clear objectives that will take your business to a whole new level. By pin-pointing the opportunities that are relevant to your business, we’ll restructure your strategies, at web level and beyond.

We understand that in our fast-paced, information-filled world, it is sometimes hard to keep track of trends and react to them.
While you focus on the practical aspects of your business, we’ll analyze your specific market and guide […]

Web hosting services in North America, Europe and Asia

Our clients benefit from the best quality and most trusted web servers in North America, for free!

Acquiring a proper web domain name is crucial in the business world. We want your customers to find your website quickly when they search it on the net. Whether it is .com, .net, .org, .edu, .ca or .us, our web domain experts know what is right for your website. Neglecting this small, but relevant step in the website creation process can bring long-lasting consequences to you and your business. The best option is to leave the choosing of your domain name to our […]

Best website programmers in town

Creating software or a mobile app happens to be very difficult for non-programmers. We’ve put together experts from all over the world whose skills truly surpass anyone else’s. Our mission is to turn your ideas into digital reality.

Programming is a long and complicated task that requires incredible focus. Fortunately, our programming experts have all the competences needed to deal with website coding. They are passionate, hard-working and most importantly: patient. We are masters at PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery.

We have brought to life hundreds of programming projects and can literally build any website ideas you […]


Nowadays, there are a lot of shopping trends, but e-commerce is definitely the most popular one out there. INITIAL-MEDIAS is your true helper when it comes to generating sales online.

INITIAL-MEDIAS reunites members that have been dealing with the e-commerce business since its beginnings. Having a good e-commerce platform is more relevant than ever since the appearance of the online customer. People love buying online because they can compare prices while not moving away from their houses.

Every business owners that seek to increase sales with e-commerce should contact us right away. We have been programing e-commerce tools since our opening and our services have so […]


Another great recent trend has been crowdfunding. INITIAL-MEDIAS supported more than 15 successful crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter, Indiegogo and Crowdfunder, so we have the marketing expertise to make your crowdfunding campaign one of the most successful ever. Our social media managers are not only experts at managing your campaign, but work hand-in-hand with our redacting and marketing teams to bring out the best out of your campaign.

We offer our expertise to expend your project’s idea and make you campaign a true success. There are multiple phases in a campaign, and mastering each and every one of them is a must. The […]


Social medias are now more popular than ever. People create online communities and share, comment and like their beloved brand’s social media content. INITIAL-MEDIAS helps you gain huge social media popularity.

In 2014, 52% of online adults now use two or more social media, compared to 42% in 2013 (Pew Research Center), showing that multi-platform is on the rise. Having a diversified social presence on the web can bring exponential revenues to your business. We first have to keep in mind that clients on social medias come to socialize and not to buy. Social media users want to be entertained and informed, […]


Images and videos are becoming more and more popular to attract, inform and retain customers. INITIAL-MEDIAS increases your sales through the creation of strategic images and videos that bring quick ROI.


INITIAL-MEDIAS has a full time photographing team, waiting to go take the best shots of your installations, team and products. Those photographers are expert at taking relevant, attractive and quality pictures for your website. We make sure that all of our photographers have a solid graphic design background, so they can bring the best out of your pictures afterwards. Our web designers make the final touch by pairing stunning photos to […]

5 Things You Need To Do Optimize Your Website Architecture

In our previous post we talked about why, and how the content of your website matters. Today we’ll take a look at another on-page element that can enhance the quality of your web, and thus rank it higher. The architecture of your websites involves various technical, aesthetic and functional criteria. Even though there is a science behind all of it, we bring you here a few useful tips you need to implement when optimizing your site.

1. Make it easy for crawlers

This is certainly the most important aspect of a websites’ architecture. To find information on the millions of Web pages, […]


Writing is an art. The good using and placing of words can be a tie breaker when it comes to sales lead. We master the art of writing. We build sentences that sell.

Writing style, information quality, typography and structure are essential if you want to retain your wealthiest customers. INITIAL-MEDIAS’ redaction experts provide outstanding results when it comes to creating or modifying a website’s written content, making it more attractive, more professional, clearer and of course, by making your text search engine optimized. Can it be for your website’s content, your blog content, for your ads, for any pre-written messages or any other […]


We acknowledge that you need great online visibility to succeed. By using our exclusive SEO techniques, we can increase your online presence, click through rate and conversion rate. We always aim for your website to land on the first Google and Bing page.


The Web has evolved quite a bit in the past years. Users have increased, while methods to gain attraction have changed. SEO is all about attracting new consumers through the content of your website. Search engines like Google and Bing read your text with their spider bots or crawlers, trying to link user’s searches to your website. Through our SEO techniques, our goal […]