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INITIAL-MEDIAS is a game-changer within the media industry, being the best pick for businesses that seek to proliferate in a cutthroat online market. We acknowledge that contemporary enterprises not only need to be showcased out there, but also need to distinguish themselves from their fierce competitors. By reuniting passionate experts from all round the world and the latest technology available, our main goal is to take the enterprise’s essence and create a buzz around it with our communication tools. Making ideas, projects or businesses go viral is a science that isn’t well-understood by businesses and we aim at transmitting this keen knowledge to our clients. Having years of experience in this complex art, our devoted team came up with some creative methods to guide our client’s through unprecedented growth. The INITIAL-MEDIAS team truly wants to revolutionize the customer experience through our simple, esthetic and innovative methods.

Last client evaluation

“They are great listeners and understand well their customer’s needs.”
Sebastien Boyer, Nutcache
“If you seek quality web marketing services, I strongly recommend you reach for INITIAL-MEDIAS.”
Sebastien Riopel, Rio Artiste

Our Valuable Team Members

Michael Thompson
Michael is our most skilled graphic designer. He knows how to objectively make a website look terrific. Clients admire his obsession for perfection and his creativity.
Jane Macdonald
Jane is our most dedicated programmer. She has been quoted one of the best programmers by many of our clients and has one many prizes in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP programming.
Marina Long
Marina is our reputation management expert. She has been working in the PR business for a decade now. Marina is known for making companies go viral through social media.
Oliver Trish
Oliver is our customer service expert. He has been taking care of our customers since the beginning of the company. He is a friendly guy that lives for other’s satisfaction.
Charles Tremblay
Charles is our marketing expert. He knows how to drive sales up and increase business’ popularity through Paid Advertising, Copywriting and Search Engine Optimization.

Our Happy Clients